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Prospectus Associates can assist you in developing and executing strategic outreach programs to get your message to the right audience in order to achieve your business objectives.  Whether it is government, financial analysts and capital markets, the media or specialized stakeholders, we can ensure that the messages are right and the delivery is effective.

If you are looking for senior professionals who will dedicate their energies to integrating your strategic messages to targeted audiences to achieve positive outcomes – you have come to the right place – Prospectus will work with your senior executives to enhance your strategic communications with your government and related stakeholder audiences.


Government Affairs

Governments play a major role in defining the environment within which corporations operate. It is essential that the relationship between government and business be strong and informed.


Why is government important to your company?

Government is often portrayed in a negative light by business because of its role as regulator and tax collector. It is a view that overlooks the positive role government can play as customer, partner, supporter and facilitator. Today, governing means creating an environment for opportunity and for economic growth. In this light, the challenge for Canadian business is to provide policy makers with information and advice as well as ideas to facilitate a productive framework for growth.


How can your company work with government?

The challenge for companies is to have the ability to mount an effective and successful education, information, and advocacy campaign over a period of time – a campaign that helps frame the public policy question and contributes to its ultimate solution. That capacity depends upon a precise understanding of what policies are under discussion, who is involved at any given point, and the levels at which the discussion is occurring. As well, one must understand the motives of other stakeholders, defining third parties who can support your objectives.


How can a lobbyist help?

Government has become a significant sector in Canada’s economy. We approach government affairs within the context of corporate development and strategic information. We advise companies regarding building a positive relationship with government. After understanding your goals, we will identify potential opportunities in the government and assist you in achieving your strategic objectives.


Do lobbyists just open doors?

Prospectus Associates believes that government policy is based on the convergence of substance and politics. Therefore, we work with companies to help them understand how their corporate goals can be achieved in concert with the development of public policy. We work closely with corporate leadership to advise them how they can best present their case to government.


Knowing which door to open, and more importantly what to say on the other side, is the key role of any good lobbyist.

Over the past two decades, Prospectus Associates has developed a successful record of achievement in establishing positive and mutually beneficial relationships between business and government – with an emphasis on working with the federal, Ontario and Quebec governments.


Can Prospectus help with other provincial governments?

Beyond Ontario and Quebec, Prospectus Associates has successfully assisted our corporate clients deal with all other eight provincial governments across Canada.