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Canadian Defence Procurement

The Federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in Canada. Prospectus Associates’ Canadian defence procurement team specializes in lobbying and consultation for technology companies, universities and healthcare institutions. Our procurement team has led numerous successful defence projects within the Canadian Military. Prospectus Associates’ Canadian defence procurement team interacts directly with clients to identify the appropriate agency and individuals to bring your innovative products and technologies to market.  Prospectus provides the insight and capability to clearly articulate and position your organization’s products to gain a competitive advantage in an often aggressive and volatile environment.

Our collective understanding of both budget and acquisition processes, as well as strong relationships with multiple levels of government enables us to bridge the gap between government and industry.  Our clients have succeeded in extending existing business relationships as well as implementing new technologies that have advanced Canada’s national defence capabilities.

Successful access to the Canadian defence marketplace continues to be a complex process.  Prospectus Associates’ Canadian defence procurement team provides private sector companies with a detailed road map on where to begin, and strategies on who to contact within multiple agencies and levels of Government.

Prospectus Associates Canadian Defence Procurement team can help you by:

  • determining which federal agencies to direct your marketing;
  • obtaining agency procurement forecasts;
  • determine if you qualify for federal purchasing programs;
  • introduce you to contacts of important agency purchasing officials so you can directly market to them.