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Prospectus Hosts New England Canada Business Council for their “Ottawa Day”

June 11, 2008

Prospectus Associates planned a day in Ottawa for a group of fifteen senior executives from the New England Canada Business Council. The June 2 study day was kicked off by a breakfast presentation on the “Government Agenda” by the Hon. Peter VanLoan, Government House Leader at the Rideau Club.

VanLoan Pristanski
Bill Pristanski speaks to Hon. Peter VanLoan prior to his
breakfast presentation on the government’s agenda.

Following a lively discussion at breakfast, Bill Pristanski and Bruce Hartley talked to the group about how the federal government works and how best to get your policies adopted. Dr. David Zussman spoke to the participants about the importance of the bureaucracy in the Canadian system especially in a minority Parliament.

Zussman Hartley
Bruce Hartley discusses the role of the bureacracy in a
minority Parliament with Dr. David Zussman of the University of Ottawa.

Merrifield Evershed
Robert Evershed listens to Rob Merrifield, MP as he reports
on the work of the Canada-US Interparliamentary Group.

At lunch the group was joined in the Parliamentary Restaurant by the Honourable Gary Lunn, Natural Resources Minister, Rob Merrifield, Chair of the Finance Committee and Chair of the Canada-US Interparliamentary Group, James Rajotte, Chair of the Industry Committee and Dave MacKenzie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety.

Then the group was the guest of the Speaker at the daily Question Period in the House of Commons. Following Question Period, they were met by Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Health Minister Tony Clement.

The New England Canada Business Council on Parliament Hill.