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Pristanski elected to AmCham Board of Directors

February 21, 2008

At the Annual Meeting of The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada), Bill Pristanski was elected to the Board of Directors. The AmCham Canada mission is to contribute to the expansion of cross-border trade and investment opportunities between Canada and the United States through active development and promotions of economic and political exchanges.

The objectives of the organization are:

* To promote the two-way flow of trade and investment, primarily between the United States and Canada , and to help business links with other countries and AmChams.

* To provide a forum in which American business executives in Canada and Canadian business executives with American interests may identify, discuss and pursue common interests regarding their activities.

* To interpret and present the point of view of Canadian commercial interests to the American business public and to lend all practical assistance to Canadian interests seeking to enter the United States market, or wishing to develop their activities in the US.

* To distill and represent the business views of its members before government in Washington and Ottawa.

* To endorse the standing of its members in the local, national and international business communities.

* To develop a broad range of programs – directed toward students, business, consumers and politicians – to encourage a better understanding of the role of business in a competitive market system, and to contribute in a positive way to the community at large.

In addition to his board responsibilities, Mr. Pristanski has been named to chair the committee on marketing and media for AmCham Canada.