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Martin-Pierre Pelletier Supports the AEBGQ in Le Devoir and CBC

January 24, 2012

The Quebec Coalition on Weight-Related Problems recently issued a press release that accused beverage manufacturers of targeting teenagers in their marketing and hiding behind “natural health products” labelling.

Their press release was picked up in the Quebec and national media. Martin-Pierre Pelletier, partner at Prospectus Associates, responded to these misleading statements in Le Devoir, CBC and other media outlets.

Speaking to the CBC, Pelletier refuted “the claim that [bottle manufacturers are] targeting teenagers.”

In Le Devoir, Pelletier reaffirmed the Association des embouteilleurs de boissons gazeuses du Québec (AEBGQ)’s stance on nutritional labelling: “We are in favor of transparency on nutritional content and calories.” The number of calories in each drink is clearly indicated on the front of cans and bottles. Pelletier further stressed the need for consumer choice.

Martin-Pierre Pelletier held various senior positions in the Government of Canada from 1997 to 2005. His ongoing work with Quebec political actors during his tenure in Ottawa, coupled with his past involvement in provincial politics, make him an expert in Canadian and Quebec government relations.