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Canada Aerospace & Defence Roundtable event with Baker McKenzie

October 16, 2018

Prospectus Associates and Baker McKenzie held a roundtable event in September to discuss the past, present and future of Canada’s aerospace and defence sectors. The event featured keynote speakers Lieutenant-General (Ret.) D. Michael Day, former Commander of the Canadian Special Forces Command, and Lieutenant-General (Ret.) Andrew Leslie, MP for Orléans and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The event included an interesting Q & A with Lieutenant-General (Ret.) Leslie, moderated by Prospectus’ Bruce Hartley. The two discussed key topics of note to Canada in the current political climate, including the impact of U.S. trade sanctions, then-ongoing NAFTA negotiations, and the current safety environment.

L-G (ret.) Leslie and Bruce Hartley

L-G (ret.) Leslie and Bruce Hartley

There was also a panel discussion between L-G (Ret.) Day and Baker McKenzie practitioners, Peter MacKay and Howard O. Weissman. They discussed the future of Canadian national security, and procurement priorities for the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as the upcoming challenges and opportunities for the country.

L-G (Ret.) Day, Peter MacKay, Howard Weissman

Peter MacKay, L-G (Ret.) Day, and Howard Weissman

As a leader with clients in the defence industry, Prospectus Associates was honoured to host the range of industry groups, parliamentarians, and defence buffs along with Baker McKenzie at the Rideau Club. It was a unique experience to hear these industry experts discuss their insights into the defence sectors and future opportunities in procurement so candidly. We look forward to our next roundtable event to hear even more about the industries we are all so interested by.

Bill Pristanski, L-G (Ret.) Lesie, and Bruce Hartley

Bill Pristanski, L-G (Ret.) Lesie, and Bruce Hartley

Thank you to everyone who attended, and stay tuned for other upcoming events.